Storytelling get-together


Last week we had a great storytelling workshop. Ben Wickham pulled storytelling apart from the global narratives that have shaped our culture to the chemicals in our brain that help us tell stories. What it means for us as professionals and how we can use story to change businesses.

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Inspire society


To celebrate 40 years of the ING art collection, ING proudly presents a selection of the collection in an exhibition in the Cobra Museum. FLICKERING WALL made a series of films to promote the exhibition and tell the stories behind the pieces of art. FLICKERING WALL also briefed four ING Time Orange reporters from different countries to interview artists about their work in the ING collection. Curious to what we have done for ING art? Read all about it in the ING art case.

CEO communication and executive leadership positioning


CEO communication and positioning executive leadership internally and externally plays an increasingly important part in 21st century corporate life. Not least because CEO’s and company executives play a fundamental role in a companies reputation – and reputation is everything when it comes to creating immediate business value.

The demands of transparency, accountability and dialogue are putting increased pressure on businesses that have traditionally been able to manage perception, image and the media far more easily.

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